Amazon Back on Wallstrip…All-Time High 'Re-Kindled'?

Amazon will be hurt in a recession and slowdown or whatever you call these things when the media scares everybody into believing we should hide in our homes. They sell stuff that gets delivered to your home so my hope is their sales actually go up :) .

My daughter gets her birthday gifts from out of town family that way.

Today Amazon is back on Wallstrip .

Amazon is THE internets retailer. They own CUSTOMER SERVICE. As the New York Times carefully angled this weekend…Wall Street does not value customer service and loyalty :

But Mr. Bezos refused to give in. “He was spending his time on long-term value creation,” Mr. Miller said. There aren’t many chief executives who can so easily ignore the entreaties of the investment community, but Mr. Bezos turned out to be one of them. Of course it helps that he owns over 100 million shares of the stock — and is the company’s single largest shareholder.

Seven (7) months ago we profiled Amazon for their internet web services for start-ups and small businesses. The growth in that arena continues.

If they can get a little Kindle love, they may surprise everbody on Wall Street as well. Judging from the ‘Man on the Street’, it’s not hated like the nerds, but nobody is aware of it yet.

I had been adding to my position a few weeks ago in the mid $80’s. It looked pretty good until Friday. I would wait until Amazon gets to new highs before jumping in today, but since I own it will keep you updated along the way.

Disclosure – Long Amazon


  1. BobA says:

    Amazon is a great company but I just don’t understand why someone would by a Kindle instead of a Nokia810. It’s just such an ugly kludgy phlegmy thing… And the other thing that makes me wonder is the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery trucks driving around Seattle. Maybe they’re on to something but I just don’t know how anyone’s EVER gonna make money spending $50 to deliver $100 worth of groceries.

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