Should Amazon buy Domino’s Pizza?

Yes… they should!

The technology blogsophere is going gaga over a CBS 60 Minute interview with Jeff Bezos. As usual with Charlie Rose it is a puff piece.

Drones? Octocopters?

Domino’s has been talking publicly about the same stuff for months (Thanks @codertrader ). CBS ’60 Minutes’ should spend 60 seconds using google search.

Domino’s has figured out mobile, distribution and 30 minute delivery for food. Bad food…but food. In fact, most of the customers are so young (like my son Max) or so high, that the 30 minute rule does not even apply.

They have done all this PROFITABLY.

Domino’s would cost $4 billion to buy. In Amazon dollars that is a few loose bitcoins.

Either way, as an investor, the next time you are considering $AMZN, you might just want to add a profitable proxy for them in the form of a Domino’s. You would have done better since the bottom in 2008…

DPZ Chart

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  1. ivanhoff says:

    It makes no sense for Domino’s to use drones. They are paying their employees minimum wage + tips and don’t have to buy delivery cars. Drones cannot beat that and would actually harm Domino’s margins. Yes, drones are faster, but they cannot go inside buildings.

    With that in mind, a pure drone company has the story potential of 3D Printing stocks. A good story could go a long way for a stock. AVAV is one play, but they still rely primarily on orders from the Pentagon:,0,778538.story#axzz2mI2R2uss

  2. poseidonmatt says:

    terrible article. saying food is bad and customers are high is generalization sloppy effortless journalism. read a presentation, or conference call. keep up the hard work guys.

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