Screw Diversification…and The Amazon Starve Wall Street Palooza

You have to give the Occupy Wall Street thingy some credit. It won’t go away.

I don’t really care about what they stand for. Just ‘being’ and not moving is something.

It’s like the financial stocks. They do the same thing. They just sit there and be.

Amazon $AMZN is also occupying wall street at the moment. It can’t lose. More all-time highs.

I think it’s time for Amazon to pay their respects to Occupy Wall Street. The whole shebang should be sponsored by ‘Kindle’ Fire. Since these people won’t go away…outfit them. They have oodles of time to read stuff, and download stuff. Start firing some Kindles into the crowd. It may inspire these people to write books about the whole event. They can order soap and razors from Amazon as well.

The Occupy Wall Streeters in turn should be showing their support for winners like Amazon and not losers like Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Shittybank.

If Occupy Wall Street really cared about beating Wall Street, they would get the bazillion imbeciles around the country that own financial shares to dump them. They all have a mutual fund somewhere that is too lazy to sell their last financial shares. Fire them!!!!

Right now it is diversification that is gutting this country. We have been sold a load of crap by Wall Street for the last 20 years. The ‘winners’ of the last 10 years have been undiversified. The ‘winners’ don’t own Wall Street and the S&P. The winners have been entrepreneurs betting it all. The winners have been undiversified shareholders like me that own 5-10 momentum stocks like Apple and Amazon that are overpriced. The winners have been angel investors that invest in pre product, no revenue, but fearless kids.

The momentum of the have’s versus the have not’s will not be stopped by people ‘Occupying’ Wall Street, it will come from strangling the entire industry of capital.

I am no friend of the banks but I need them. I do business with the one’s that I need. I apologize. It is a bare minimum relationship. I am starving them as best I can.

Occupy Wall Street is a horrible name. You can’t win such an important fight with such awful branding. It’s time for a great sponsor and a name change.

The Amazon ‘Starve Wall Street’ palooza would KILL!!!!!


  1. Redwood Mtn says:

    As much as I like you, Howard, I differ. 

    Amazon doesn’t pay sales tax. Unfortunately, that puts them in the same category.

    • we dont differ….amazon is not puritan….there are employee problems that have always leaked and yes they get sales tax breaks….but for now the price is screaming that their use of no tax is better than the banks use of tarp


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