Amazon Will Buy Twitter…

There is a fantastic article, about a year late, about how the Kindle will change the world over at Slate . It’s a fun read, especially if Amazon is your favorite stock.

There are many reasons why I knew The Kindle would be loved way back when and I wrote about it often. You will have to trust me for now if you are new here and I will get the links later. I loved that the nerds hated it. It was unanimous hate. Even reasonable early adopters like Fred Wilson were offering a big thumbs down .

Lucky for us, the product was not built for nerds and cheapskates, it was built for READERS. The biggest reader in my home, Rachel, loved it from day one, despite the flaws fat fingered Scoble was pointing out on one of his blogs (he moves every few months for some reason).

I just loved the idea of razors and razor blades. That strategy worked well for Gillette…and still does a bazillion years later.

Along comes Twitter, which by the way was built by nerds, but built for READERS, WRITERS and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.

When Jeff Bezos, who is an investor in Twitter, buys Twitter to own the NOW web and Search and combine the best one to many communication tool with the best retailer in the world, please don’t be shocked. The nerds will scoff at the price – north of $2 billion, but Bezos will chuckle in their faces as he always does. He knows what its like to make an investment in the future and live with the short-term shareholder revolts that come along with it.

With Twitter and the Kindle in Amazon’s arsenal, it will be light’s out for many legacy telco’s and hardware companies.

About time.

Let’s get on with it Jeffy.

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