Amazon…forget the Kindle for a Moment

My Kindle hype efforts that I started without even touching the damn thing have created a lot of opinions…most of it hate.

In the end, big woop if it flops. Amazon is kicking some serious ass. Now if it works…..oooh mama.

I still think the idea of a store in your briefcase at all times will be huge. So is the Sprint whispernet deal, but I digress.

This company is plain executing and the shopping experience is second to noen on the web. As Bijan says: Why can’t every store be as good as Amazon.

I know I will be adding stock at all-time highs.

Disclosure- Long Amazon


  1. phil says:

    it trades great thats for sure… when the hi betas faded mid morning for a bit (goog went red, aapl went red) amzn held up a duece and then ripped into the bell… u gotta figure if the market even comes close to holding a bid this one will test the oct highs b4 yule…

  2. Shawn Ward says:

    I am with Tim on this one. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) modules are fantastic. We currently use EC2 and S3 (and are evaluating flexible payments, mechanic turk, and their queue systems) – they are simple bigger, faster, stronger, more reliable/scalable – and cheaper than anything out there.

  3. bocagirl says:

    The Kindle is the smartest thing Amazon has done in years to grab market share in the book field. I’m an online bookseller and even though the Kindle somewhat competes with me, I have to admit I believe it will be a big success. Based on my experience, Amazon already gets the lion’s share of traffic and buyers in online book sales. There are Kindle links for easy downloads everywhere I look on Amazon, and they have no inventory stocking issues with an electronic download, plus no postage or employee costs to ship the book to the customer. I’m sure the publisher prepares the download file too. It couldn’t be easier for Amazon, a nearly perfect commodity sale.

    But the kicker is that it’s wireless so even old step-mom’s like me could figure out how to do the download, and do other stuff on the Web too.

    Of course I have no clue what that would mean for AMZN’s stock price. (I do not own any AMZN shares.)

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