Amazon…It's NOT About the Kindle, But I Will Take It!

If you read this blog you know I am long and was last week adding more.

Today was a BIG payday (if you are a seller – I am not), but I still think the company is JUST getting into gear.

In fact, if Amazon was up on positive Kindle news , gossip and hype, you should not chase the stock because disappointment awaits.

If you believe as I do, that Amazon is about being the best retailer, best web services company the only real thriver from Web 1.0, has the best CEO, has the most defensible business and that the Kindle is a juicy wildcard TWO years out, there is no bad time to start owning it.

The stock has been extremely wild the last few months, but so has the market. I like where it has ended up as of today through the turmoil of the global markets.

I am not adding anymore until we see more market strength and an all-time high, but I have a good feeling.

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