Amazon…It's Not About The Kindle…It's about CLOUDS?

Amazon is Web 3.0 and will be 4.0 and ready for 5.0.

The nerds are peeing in their pants about clouds and PQR’s and DST’s and MSG (no wonder I get thrsty when surfing Amazon). I was hoping I could explain it to you in english, but I can’t. Here’s the one geek I trust explaining it .

It would be a much easier and fun story if the Kindle was just good.

I am so bullish on Amazon it hurts but am patiently waiting for a good break above 4100 to buy more.

There has been lot’s of good stuff written about Amazon in the blogosphere of late. Here is a great, detailed thesis on Amazon as Web 3.0 .

My young gun friend Nate (he can sock away the ‘za at Lombardi’s) also has some interesting insight into one of Amazon’s new feature sets .


  1. Trader Mike says:

    It IS all about the cloud as I commented on at least one of your previous Amazon posts. I’m using a lot of Amazon’s services for FaveBot and they’ve REALLY changed the game. I won’t be surprised if the likes of GOOG, MSFT and maybe even YHOO(!) try to compete in this space — GOOG is the only one I’d take seriously. Long AMZN and VMW on the cloud/virtualization trend.

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