Amazon’s Unfair Advantage…The Prime Bundle

Jeff Bezos sent out his annual letter to shareholders which is a must read.

Here it is.

One of my favorite things about Amazon the stock and Amazon the company is that the bigger it gets, the faster it seems to grow and defy skeptics.

Everyone serious about investing, trading and entrepreneuring needs to read it.

A big topic of conversation at our ‘Stocktoberfest’ a few weeks ago in New York was Amazon.

Almost everyone agreed that Amazon was unstoppable. That’s a bit scary.

Fred Wilson took a different point of view and talked about the possibility that Amazon has an unfair advantage.

Like Fred said, there is likely no way Jeff could have foreseen the Amazon of today.

Jeff’s obsession with irrelevance combined with AWS and the balance sheet have helped Amazon create this moat that grows in weird, cash flow rich ways.

Armed with the success of Amazon Prime, the good old consumer marketing bundle might become the biggest unfair advantage of all time.

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