Amazon..The Stock, The Kindle and Customer Service

I am happy that I got back in and blogged it back in the mid 60’s despite the stock being in no man’s land.

Today with the stock up $6 at $83 , I am getting more bullish, not less. I have not been hot or right that often lately on my stocks other than Apple, Google, CRM and Amazon (sold Google and Apple in fund a few weeks back). RIMM I added last week on the $140 all-time high breakout (Twittered).

You can’t NOT own the tentacle retailer. I think of the railroads being parabolic and just think that Amazon is one of the continued drivers. We all use it for something.

My Kindle experience has been blah at best. Rachel’s broke and we shipped it back. Some time went by and nothing….

Last week I called all ready to give them a Verizon rant. As I started, the customer service rep said to me, let me just send you a new one today for tomorrow’s delivery. It showed up and situation diffused. In ten years, I have still therefore not had a real complaint against this most complicated to pull off retailer.

I don’t think the Kindle will meet the numbers that Alley Insider was reporting , but I think Amazon will rock for the decades to come.

Disclosure – Long Amazon