America is in Turmoil and Robots Could Care Less

It was a long week of planes trains and automobiles for me last week. Phoenix, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Boston, Chapel Hill and now New York for a few days.

America can look the same when you zip in and zip out all and you rely on your smartphone.

The media seems more upset with Snapchat’s $40 billion valuation than/then (I give up on grammar) Russia and the environment.

Our stock markets could care less and money is being put to work. Marketwatch is reporting that the risk of a bear market in 2017 is ZILCH! They obviously want a nomination in next year’s Cashtag awards.

I mentioned India last week in a blog post. This chart from JC puts some chart art and a bigger picture to the India markets right now:

allstarcharts shared a chart on StockTwits

I am long India by owning the same large American Digital behemoths as yesterday.

Robots were in the news BIGLY over the weekend.

Barron’s had a cover story gushing about them. I hate when their cover stories are in sync with my opinion (long $IRBT and $GOOG).

I like this podcast link better from Fred Wilson ‘living with robots‘. Give it a listen.

This photo and caption shared by Josh Brown sums up the robot trend perfectly. While we bicker, they just do their thing:

Remember – It’s ok to own financial stocks as rates keep gently rising for now but please remember it feels better to punch a banker and hug a robot.

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