America’s in Turmoil and the Markets Just Agreed 

Hillary fainted this morning. I assume she saw the Verizon bill from her 14 international data plans or found out Wells Fargo opened 60 credit cards in her name. 

America was in turmoil and now the markets will be dragged back in. 

The markets have shrugged off a lot of bad headline news since February. But, Wells Fargo, quietly rising rates and a presidential race that is unclear will slow us back down. 

On Friday, the markets wiped out two months of gains. The $VIX, a measure of volatility was up a massive 40 percent in just one day. We went from quiet to Defcon 4 very quickly. 

As our markets potentially falter here, the BRIC’s are breaking out (Brazil, Russia, India and China).  

Putin is the happiest asshat on the planet at the moment. 

The markets and Donald Trump work in mysterious ways.