Amsterdam…Great as Always…Just More Layers

I have had a fantastic week in Amsterdam and been so lucky to be treated so kindly by Boris and his team from The Next Web.

Amsterdam never seems to change. Sure the vendors come and go and the styles go in and out, but Amsterdam just feels the same. The mobile web has just added a new layer of brilliance without the pollution.

Most important is the time I have spent watching my daughter Rachel take in the city. She is only 13 but has wanted to come to Amsterdam since she was 8 and learned about Anne Frank. When you grow up in Phoenix and than move to Coronado, you don’t have much perspective and this trip helped.

We have toured the museums, walked the city and parks, seen our cousins that live here, got a serious dose of Dutch spirit for Queen’s day today and once again seen the incredible capitalist instincts as they apply it to the web.

It was a thrill to be a keynote and have my daughter in the first row with her laptop taking notes on the presentation to help me improve the next time. I did not bomb and I could tell she was excited to hear other people enjoy the presentation. The essence of my presentation was captured by my new favorite artist @wilg.

It was a bigger thrill to watch her have a lengthy chat with the CTO of Amazon @werner as she discussed her favorite books and Kindle product improvements, while we toured the city on an evening canal ride. We got a tour of the canals from the founders of ebuddy (on their boat), now one of the largest web/tech companies in the city and just 5 years old. It’s not just amazing times in Silicon Valley for web companies.

I was a regular in Amsterdam in 1998-2001 as we tried to build out a global logistics Company called Skynet (yep) and it should have worked. With the new friends made we will be back now more often and I will find a business to help build that will work!


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