An Acceleration In Startups and SPACS and The Bear Market in Cargo Pants

I think it was eight years ago that Ellen and I went with friends to Necker Island in the British Virgin Isles. I don’t remember taking many pictures, but today one surfaced on Twitter from my friend Todd Harrison who was randomly sitting with Mike Abbott (who took the picture) when my name randomly came up.

It turns out that this picture was also peak Cargo Pants:


I am noticing a bug bump in the quality of pitches I am getting this month.

As COVID-19 drags on, it seems like people that have been at the larger companies have decided it is time to start something fresh rather than run large teams from Zoom.

The smartest people have been quietly waiting and watching to see how the pandemic would progress and how trends might start to take shape.

Zoom has become the matchmaker for founders.


The acceleration in SPAC’s continues. My friend John Street Capital has a great piece on the recent surge and how they work.

Have a great Friday.