"An Inconvenient Truth"

I expected to be underwhelmed based on the hype.

I was treated to a great “Apple” commercial :) (it never seems cheesy to see an Apple laptop used in a movie – even if it is blatant)

Besides the commercial, I think Al did a great job presenting the global warming case. It did not come across like a fear pitch, but a calm, deliberate, well documented argument. Using the photos and the “breakout graphs” was extremely effective. It is not a funny topic yet he was funny.

What the hell was he doing by the way while he was Vice President for 8 years and Bill was chasing tail? Seems like he had ample opportunity to sneak in a few things with Bill’s signature. That is my only criticism.

If anything, GM and Ford are so [email protected]$#cked. They are the poster child companies for all that is wrong with saving “DEAD companies” in a free world. The greater good is served over time by letting the strong survive at this point.

The jobs will be replaced if you believe in America.

If we can clean up the auto industry once and for all, we could really attack the global warming issue as well as the oil and fuel issues. I don’t want to argue this. I am right.

If only we could beam ourselves and get rid of the airlines, all would be good.

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  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    While on the topic of media: I am currently on my fifth day of stooting a Microsoft commercial. Everyone behinds the scenes is using a Mac. Kind of ironic.

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