An Open Apology to The Airlines

I interrupt this vacation for an important public service announcement.

I have been brutal on airlines and their management over the years on this blog.

I have shorted US Air/America West to great profits as well. I now feel guilty. The airlines are fantastic (not so fantastic as to get long).

The airlines are GODS compared to the banks. Sure, the America West/Us Air pilots like to throw a few back, but they can also land planes on water. Bank executives throw a few back and piss on our money.

Just this week, my vacation was only sidetracked 36 hours from a lost bag. When you think of it, that’s not bad at all. As I tweeted earlier in the day, if my bag was handled by Shittybank, it would have been cut up and sold 12 times.

We despise the airlines in this country and that hate is misplaced. They are a freaking miracle, considering all the union issues, fuel nightmares, renegade CEO’s and the whole logistics of it all.

The real attention of our anger and hate must be focused on the bankers. While an airplane takes 6 hours to fly coast to coast, generally lands safely at it’s destination and almost always gets your bag, the banks have proven that they can’t even safekeep your money in a vault.

When an airline goes bankrupt we are out a lousy few billion dollars. Chickenfeed!

All bankers have to do is borrow money from the fed for free and lend it at 1 percent to make a living, but NOPE. Too hard.

Next time you get mad at an airline, find a banker at your gate and hit him.

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