An Open letter to Robert Scoble – Stop being a hypocrite!

A month or so ago, the famous Robert Scoble was crying about the fact that some other nerd site did not link to him . It turns out that his company, Podtech , does not play by the rules he cries about.

Their talent ? has gone on a Wallstrip and Howard Lindzon rampage, calling Wallstrip horrible and me a ‘douchebag’ (o.k. that was funny considering the sources – David CRUD ).

I call it linkbaiting, which is pretty bad, but worse when you don’t even have the courtesy to link.

Robert Scoble wrote a book, that I purchased as goodwill at a Tech Crunch party, called Naked Conversations . Here is one of his books tenets:

Social. The blogosphere is one big conversation. Interesting topical conversations move from site to site, linking to each other. Through blogs, people with shared interests build relationships unrestricted by geographic borders.

UPDATEShel Israel Co-Authored this book and wrote this passage. I assume Robert read it though.

His talent? has banned me from their website. It’s the same talent that has attacked me and my projects and linkbaited me. I have never left a harmful message on his site. I don’t read it. I have gone their to pull the links about me to post here.

Here is what I get when I try the site- You Are Banned. You Just Don’t Fit In Here. Now I agree. I don’t fit in with this group of haters. But, if attacked, and baited, I should be able to respond on my blog.

Robert, what gives? This is amateur hour over at Podtech . I guess it’s ok to bully as long as it is not happening to you.


  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but will find out. I don’t run the PodTech web site. You’re not banned on Scobleizer, though.

    Also, I don’t run 1938 Media. It sounds like you have a personal beef with Loren. Loren isn’t an employee of PodTech. That’s a partner, yes, but we don’t tell our partners how to run their Web sites.

    Are you saying you’re blocked off of I sure haven’t done that.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    He represents you and you him Robert. Either way – he is your talent according to him. You promote his work.

  3. I promote your work too — you don’t represent me. He’s a loosely-connected partner of PodTech’s, he’s not an employee. I can’t tell him what to do on his blog other than to suggest things to him. His work, when on PodTech’s pages, does represent us. Are we talking about stuff that’s on Or just stuff that’s over on 1938 Media?

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    Thx for your insight, to me his work is hate filled whether on or off your site and his linkbaiting is in effect represented by you.

    I appreciate your response robert but you dont represent me on podtech. It is different.

  5. Howard Lindzon says:

    You did not sign my book shel, but I will check. I will update the post. sorry.

    This is not a fight. I am simply calling out a few bullies and how they hide after linkbaiting.

  6. Howard Lindzon says:

    So Robert – he RUNS your advertising for a $5.5 million backed venture deal but is loosely involved. Makes sense. That’s how I would do it.

  7. Howard: Loren puts advertisements on his site. He doesn’t run PodTech’s advertizing group (seems like that’s how you read my message and just wanted to be clearer). Just like you run Golf Now’s advertising.

    Doug: from my point of view, I’m answering questions after being attacked. I don’t like it any more than you do.

    I also just found out that Loren is suing Howard. Since there’s legal issues here, I’m gonna stay out of it from now on.

  8. Once more for the record: I don’t block your comments from my blog, or my video blog, or my company’s site. If any of those are involved, let me know and I’ll fix the problem.

    I link to you regularly from both my personal blog and my link blog (including today, in fact).

    If that’s being a bully, well, sorry. I don’t get it. You’re having a personal problem with Loren on his own blog. Deal with him, not me.

  9. shel israel says:

    This is not my fight and I’m not going near it. But since part of this is giving credit–or blame–where it is due, I’d like to point out that Robert Scoble did not write Naked Conversations. He co-authored it with me. I wrote the particular passage that you are quoting.You must have known this, since I met you at the TechCrunch party you mention. I’m pretty certain, you’ll find my signature inside that book. You may want the links. I would just like the credit for my role with the book.

  10. Doug Karr says:

    I’m curious: What you both might think an exchange like this may lead to?

    I’m also curious: What do you think this kind of exchange looks like to a third party visitor like myself?


  11. Doug Karr says:

    Thanks, Howard. I assure you that I meant no disrespect. Many times I see some of these exchanges escalate and no one makes it out a winner.

    I’m a reader of Robert’s, Shel’s and your Blog. Can’t we all just get along?


  12. JImK says:

    RobertScoble… I liked your interview with John Chambers. I can understand the one shot in a tight setup like CES, but what’s up with some of the other one camera shot productions? That went out in 1947 with all due respect.

  13. Robert – once more for the record. read the post. did not accuse you of banning me, just your talent who linkbaits and than hides.

    The threat about a lawsuit is crap. I expect that from a bully. Its a threat. nice of you to hide behind that. i will alert you when I get served – trust me.

  14. jvon says:


    I’m a regular over at 1938 and (as you know) at Wallstrip. I’m a goofball both places to be sure, but I’m certainly no hater. Cmon now.

    I have no idea what the nature of your trouble with Loren is, but it’s either a business disagreement, in which case it probably shouldn’t be discussed in blog comments all over the place, or a personal beef, which makes you both look petty. Whichever it is, I hope you guys can figure out a way to put it behind you.

    Or it could be a cynical ploy to drive traffic to both your sites, in which case I congratulate you both and keep up the good work.

  15. Broker A says:


    What’s gayer?

    The NIKKEI down 550+ points or a blog fight?

    I’d definitely say NIKKEI down 550.

    Off to watch the Europeans (market) get ready to have their spines ripped out.

  16. >>JImK: one shot?

    I use one shot cause I’m a cheapass. Seriously, though, two shots means two $5,000 cameras (which is what I use), plus a camera crew, and an audio crew, and all that.

    Instead I do it all myself. More agile and I can do a LOT more video for a very small budget.

  17. Howard Lindzon says:


    You are not welcome on this site. seriously. Take your heavy influence elsewhere please.

    I stated my case, you ignore it with crap and a threat and I could give a rats ass about how cheap you are.


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