And on the Eighth Day God Said…Let There be Apple

In case you are living under a $MSFT ‘Surface’ you know that today is $AAPL earnings.

I am long but have no idea what Apple has in store for us. It has paid to be long the stock through thick and thin. One day it won’t.

If you invest based on fundamentals, Apple has been ‘undervalued for years considering it’s growth (P/E of 15). It is frustrating to those that have been right. If the stock traded at a P/E of 25 we would be witnessing a trillion dollar company. The market knows something.

The Apple longs will never be as frustrated as $AMZN shortsellers who for years have talked themselves into a negative stupor because of their P/E north of 100. Serenity now!

Investors can’t appreciate the wonder of Apple and traders can’t leave it alone. I agree with Frasier Spiers on the subjecy of Apple who says …don’t slow down:

As for the iPad 4, I’m not at all upset that Apple ‘obsoleted’ my 6-month-old iPad 3. You’re asking me would I rather the pace of innovation slowed down just so I could feel like the king of the hill for a bit longer? That’s crazy. If there’s one thing you’ll never hear me ask for, it would be that Apple slow down the rate at which iPads get better.

I feel that the relentless speed in which Apple has been creating and delivering product is under appreciated and now too far ahead of what we can digest. Take a look at our ‘Caption Contest‘ we ran today. I would not be surprised in a big disappointment. I am not betting on it though.

Tim Cook is operating the greatest Company of all time and I will just watch the stream today in wonder.


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