Anish Acharya of A16z Joins Me on ‘Panic With Friends’ …The Fintech Adjacent Bull Market

I really enjoyed having Anish Acharya on the ‘Panic’ podcast:

Anish Acharya is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he invests in financial services. Prior to joining a16z, Anish held multiple roles at Credit Karma including the General Manager of Core Product and General Manager of U.S. Card, which he helped scale to over 80MM members and $680MM in 2018 revenue. Anish joined Credit Karma in 2015 via the acquisition of the company Snowball, a notifications startup he founded a year earlier.

Prior to creating Snowball, Anish founded SocialDeck, a social-gaming company that was acquired by Google in 2010. He then went on to both lead various product efforts in mobile and invest at Google Ventures. Anish graduated from the University of Waterloo and lives in the Bay Area with his family.

Anish and I have been sharing fintech ideas since he joined Andreessen. In this podcast we chatted about a wide range of entrepreneurial and fintech topics including what Anish calls the ‘fintech adjacent’ bull market ahead.

I think you will really enjoy the conversation. You can listen right here or catch the episode on Spotify or Apple.