Another 2018 Prediction…All-Time High – Nike Is About to Just Do It!

I can’t jinx Nike.

The stock is right at all-time highs and back above $100 billion.

The stock has been digesting massive Jordan and Tiger era gains since 2015.

Back in 2005, one of my first blog posts was about Nike and that it was a stock I would never sell.

My thesis:

Best commercials – always—-check
Best logo – checkomundo
Best athletes – checkerooo
Best distribution – feelin’ good Billy Ray
Golf – Just getting started

Ok…scratch the golf.

I’ve gone on to write often about Nike often the last 12 years.

I am sure I could spend thousands of hours going into the weeds and talk myself out of owning Nike.

I won’t.

Only Apple can compare with them at the highest level of ‘Fashology’.

They will benefit from blockchains and may one day create their own fitness/fuel focused currency.

It’s a BTFD stock (see stock market of shoes) and on my 8-80 list.

I think 2018 will be a good one.

PS – Earnings are next week so it could be volatile short-term.

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