Another day another "killer" launch by Google

I am no tech expert, but bloggers and media “tech experts” are taking this “killer” term way too far.

Today, Google launches a Value Click killer?

Everything Google launches is not “killer”, just because they own search TODAY.

How about “Google takes dead aim at Value Click’s Commission Junction.” I am not a huge fan of commission junction, but they are rather entrenched to be “killed” by a just launched product.

We are giving too much credit to Google and the media and blogosphere are contributing to the valuation drop in the internet sector. I don’t know if Google is overvalued, but I do know that Yahoo looks cheap by comparison. That seems like an opportunity,created solely by media induced fear. (I own neither stock)

Nothing is killed until it is killed.

If anything, I am inclined to do the opposite when it comes to Google. Google has the media mesmerized outside of TechCrunch and the rest of the tech blog nerds.

Here is what I mean:

ValueClick has dropped 30 percent in the last few months. People in the know, knew Google was going to launch this product and were selling off ValueClick. Let’s see how this stock performs now that the news is PUBLIC. Today – news that it was “killed” helped the stock to an 8 cent gain.

If you understand this segment, I would love to hear your opinion.