Another Netflix Breakout

I am excited to be working and biking over in Italy the next few weeks.

I will also be at the Amsterdam Money Show later in the month before heading home.

I loaded up a show called Clickbait (meh) and the Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary (pretty good) for the flight over.

Earlier this week Ellen and I watched the documentary ‘Untold Breaking Point‘ about Marty Fish which was excellent.

Quietly, Netflix broke out to all-time highs again this week.

Here is the chart:

This is a monthly chart so we have a ways to go before we get a monthly closing high, but I sense investors will stay long.

The storytelling and movie making that was held back the last 18 months should explode back and I will continue to be there every night to enjoy

Netflix continues to make it easy to sit back and chill and although the growth has slowed, their ‘attention dominance’ at home and abroad will continue to provide an edge.

It is one of my 8 to 80 stocks. I imagine they could be very creative about podcasts, e-commerce and even NFT’s in 2022.

Disclosure – Long