Apple $1 Trillion…Tesla Junk Bonds… and Peak Lumber

Today Apple hit an all-time high and is worth $940 ish billion. Horace ( a great stream for all things Apple) had this interesting stat that Apple is worth $670 per active Apple device.

Somewhere Steve Jobs is still unhappy.

Warren Buffett on the other hand is happy. He now owns Wells Fargo…a bank with the most fake accounts on earth …and the largest company on earth.

Apple also announced a $100 billion buyback. The buyback of is larger than all but 47 companies in the world. That is crazy.

The 48th largest company in the world is Nike at $105 billion.

Instead of the buyback they could buy Goldman for $90 billion and just shut it down. Oh to dream….

Speaking of the buyback…it is NOT a bad thing. I like Michael’s take.

Some context for their iPhone sales (from Walt Mossberg) might help. In just the last two quarters, the iPhone alone has garnered nearly $100 billion in revenues for Apple. For comparison, another tech giant doing well, Microsoft, took in $90 billion in revenues for its entire business in its full fiscal 2017.

The iPhone may never gain grow this fast, but it has never been more wanted and needed. The reason…stories. The growth of visual sharing is staggering.

It’s not just Apple doing well. There are lot’s of stocks ripping higher to choose from.

Enterprise software stocks like Zendesk are still crushing.

Shake Shack, the salty burger, is surging

GWPH – a biotech company with breakthrough drugs using cannabis plants!

Lumber is having a generational move higher. It seems that ‘build the wall’ speculators in fly over States are assuming Trump may use wood. We have gone from ‘peak oil’ to ‘peak lumber’.

Finally, poor Tesla. Elon is arguing with the internet while Apple cuddles with Warren Buffett.

This picture of Tesla’s bonds is the real reason why Elon is so aggravated.

Elon may not be able to choose his fights, but you can.

Have a fun Saturday.