Apple – a new catalyst? I think so

The Mac is back! The stock up near $59 up from $50 last Friday.

Turns out my we are close to a bottom post last Friday was a bottom for the stock. Unfortunately, I chose to golf and paid $53, not $50 for my nibble.

When Apple goes sub $1,000 for the slick MacBook at the end of the summer (trust me), the sales should explode.

I am not chasing more stock up $6, but I sense a new catalyst and the “halo” effect of the stores and the iPod are finally kicking in. If you thought the Ipod craze did wonders for the stock, a boom in MacBook sales would make that run look small.


  1. David G says:

    dont count out the ipod for a run of its own – video is exploding online (youtube / ze frank) and there’s simultaneously a massive gaping hole where a plethora of portable video storage & play-back devices should be – aapl’s two flagship ipods are going to see some fierce demand though the rest of ’06 –

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