Apple (AAPL) is Back on Wallstrip

It is a well deserved return to Wallstrip for Apple and Julie’s first shot at the ‘core’. It was the first stock Wallstrip covered back in October 2006 and has climbed 150 percent since.

Although it is well off it’s $200 high set in January of 2008, there is lot’s to be excited about:

1. The nerds still hate it.

2. Microsoft sucks as much as always .

3. Apple stores keep opening (and continue to be fantastic) while their retail competition dies or sucks as well (Circuit City, Sony Stores).

4. The iPhone, especially a new 3G one, will be a homerun.

5. The halo effect is in full gear.

6. A big international market with strong currencies awaits.

Here is our first show:

Here is Brian’s take on the technicals of Apple.

Dislosure – Long Apple