Apple and Google lead the way – Sweet Nina – what a stock market! Here are my favorites…

I own so many stocks it is ridiculous. Every day, I have hundreds of all-time highs to choose from. My friends at Blackstar (long only trend following stock fund) – who own every all-time high – MUST own 2,000 stocks plus right now. I will check on that later. UPDATE – 1,300 stocks.

I am watching Apple, Google, Adobe and RIMM. They are my four Nasdaq horsemen. If they hold their all-time high breakouts, I am not on CODE RED. I am keeping it simple.

I am uncomfortable – that’s good.

I am expecting to get shellacked – that’s good.

December is always great – that’s good (I think :) )

I am not excited – that’s good.

I am taking partial profits on stocks that are moving too fast too high (empirical only) like CROX and RIMM – don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I don’t look back anymore. A profit is a profit.

I am adding fresh breakouts.

I am adding some Wipro (WIT) to my account at the next available open. I have owned a little for a while and rode it down during the India swoon this summer but was not stopped out. Today it busted out to an all-time high. The India closed end fund is still 20 percent plus below all-time highs. I like that relative strength.

My faves (everybody has favorites):

Apple – always
Adobe – lookin’ good with flash
Malyasia (EWM) – no good reason :) but I have been here for a while and she is starting to work nice.
Rentrak (RENT) – my fave chart. The pricks at headquarters are denying Lindsay an interview for Wallstrip. That’s a big negative.
Wipro (WIT) – a little volume and this becomes my fave chart
Bidu – pure aggression
Chipotle’s – all-time favorite restaurant. Lines getting bigger. I have a big profit but am staying!
Valueclick – No one can explain to me in english what they do. I like that :) .
SIGM – Great chart and Industry leader in living room CHIPS, BUT a component play so one foot out the door always.

My longshot busted stock that I still own is Navteq (NVT – GPS industry)

My next year stories – Gold and Oil. Sounds smart and safe.

Disclosure – Long everything listed here except Google (ugh) ! I will never own Pfizer though likely need their drugs.


  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    dont even want to know what pfizer drugs, but I really liked this post. my favorite in a while. what’s going on with navteq? are they just not geting it to the bottom line? and you love apple and adobe you MUST love google and divx. any thoughts on why they aren’t here?

  2. marc says:

    If you like stocks that fall into the category of, “No one can explain to me in English what they do…” then…. boy do *I* have a stock tip for you! is looking for investors and trust me… I have no idea what we do either. ;-)

    I do however have a mission statement… here it is… “We proactively integrate parallel content while continuing to continually negotiate progressive sources to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world.” *courtesy of the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving…Hope you make it out on the links during the long weekend.

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