Apple and Rimm – New competitors…maybe – Laptop WAR now heavily tilted to Apple

WHOA – another big mea culpa to start the new year for Lindzon. I did say MacWorld was the place to be though – not CES.

I said no to an iPhone announcement. Job’s says in your face LINDZON.

That’s cool. Despite booking a trade too early before the new year – I am long Apple. Here is the description and pictures from Engadget. Why any other tech nerds even try blogging against them on days like today is ridiculous.

By the way – Apple is now up $7 and change to all-time highs and RIMM is down $10 plus and PALM is down 4 percent.

I was pinging Fred after the iPhone announcement and seeing RIMM down 10 bucks. We both think that Apple wont dent Crackleberry’s business market fro now. This looks to be a serious Sidekick attack and see ya PALM – got that Trader Mike :) ! Please switch before we have to remove from your cold dead hands.

Apple stock is surging because this product will help push then to 30 plus percent laptop share in the coming years. Sweet revenge. Maybe even 10 percent desktop share?

As I just joked with Fred who is overstimulated at CES and anti Apple closed policies- I am for Communism under Apple’s rule :)

Disclosure – Long Apple, no position in RIMM (lucky), No position in PALM ( I am not an idiot).

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