Apple Baby

I get asked hundreds of times a day about passive versus active investing and what stocks to buy.

It’s a slippery slope but when pressed I have for years talked about Apple (and Google) as an ETF. I own them both.

It’s boring, but it has worked very well.

If you dollar cost average into either on Robinhood your cost has been less than buying the S&P at Vanguard and the results better. We could argue forever about diversification but I am comfortable that both Apple and Google offer better diversification for the world we live in.

Yesterday Apple officially announced the iPhone x and cellular watch.

As Maximus said in Gladiator…’are you not entertained?’

Sure – JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon stole a lot of geek media thunder yesterday by calling Bitcoin a fraud, but we all know the real fraud.

Sure JP Morgan stock was up and Apple was down because this is 2017.

All a distraction.

My favorite take on Apple in 2017 is from Om Malik titled ‘Steve Jobs’ Legacy and the iPhone X

Apple as now the most important chip (semiconductor) company and they have done this because it had to be done to control their own destiny.

Sure enough, Apple wants in on the Toshiba sale tonight.

I don’t know how you could diversify much better than owning the largest global hardware, software, chip, vertically integrated, biggest bank, most cash, largest hedge fund, lowest taxed, high margin, best retailer of all time.

Seems risky!

I guess owning a little Equifax and Wells Fargo with your S&P index fund is the answer?

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