Apple – Book it Danno!

I planned on holding this Apple trade for more, but since I started out down 5 percent and am now up 4 percent three days later (over $85), I am booking it.


No more AppleGates which is fine with me. Apple handled this whole issue well. It smells, but when you clean stink up fast, it does go away.

Speaking of STINK, Forbes .com is pathetic. I clicked on their Yahoo Finance VIDEO story on Apple and they tried to send me to some preroll advertisements. I clicked out like my fingers were on fire.

If she was naked I would have clicked out just as fast (come back later of course). I wanted the AppleGates news IMMEDIATELY to decide on whether to blow out my trade. I get it much faster and consumable on the internet from a text story.

If the market stays strong, Apple should see $90 quickly, but I will enjoy it with just my core holding of it.

Disclosure – Long Apple


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