Apple Continues to Crush And The New 16 Inch MacBook Pro Is Delightful

It has been a fantastic year for Apple the Company and Apple shareholders. The stock is on track for its biggest annual outperformance of the S&P 500 since 2009.

How do they do it at this size and scale?

Ben Thompson has a great piece about Apple strategy titled ‘Integration and Monopoly‘.

Apple is showing no signs of letting up on their aggressive tactics and Tim Apple continues to play Orange Julius like a fiddle so only the markets can stop Apple right now.

Today I helped with Apple’s 4th quarter numbers.

My everyday computer for years has been the MacBook Air.

I don’t sit at a desk anymore when I work at home or the office and I live on the road so where I go The MacBook Air goes.

Over the last few months I have really banged mine up and the keyboard has stopped working well. I left it at the Apple store today once again to get fixed and when I went to look around the store I saw the 16 Inch new MacBook and splurged.

I had heard great things about the keyboard changes and the screen from Daring Fireball and since my eyes are a blurry mess I am hoping that the larger screen makes working a bit easier.

My first impressions echo Gruber.

The keyboard has an excellent spring to it and the giant screen is obviously a game changer for my work.

The sync from my MacBook air was surprisingly smooth so this ‘cloud’ thing might just be big!