Apple Earnings – Blech! and Tesla All-Time Highs…The Changing of The ‘Jobs’ Continues

I have been in Manhattan the last few days and it has been awesome as usual. The meetings, the friends, the pizza…

I was on Yahoo Finance ‘Tech Ticker’ early Monday Morning talking about $TSLA and $AAPL and explaining how I thought the market was perceiving both stocks. Here is the link.

Tesla has rallied the last 2 days to more all-time highs. The market is confident that Tesla will deliver the right type of growth for the forseeable future. The stock will be extremely volatile but dips will bought for now. Tesla’s customers are the earliest of adopters and the hardest to please, but they are really freaking pleased. That creates an endless pipeline and Wall Street has no shot keeping up so numbers get ratcheted up and mistakes get blamed on anything buy demand.

Not so great for Apple which flubbed again..

I say flub in the most complimentary way. As Eddy Elfenbein eloquently states…they have a smidgen of cash left:

I sum it up like this…America likes growth and upside surprises. Apple delivered the wrong type of growth (buybacks and dividends) and so the muted reaction makes sense. It’s just more wait and see from growth investors while thevalue investors will complain of Apple’s ‘cheapness.

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  1. Heidi Bushnel says:

    If summing up Apple’s money all in all, then it is assured that Apple will be a good company until 10 years more, and right now I am so eager to trade on their stocks thru affiliates programs because as you can see Apple is one of my favorite asset to trade.

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