Apple – the first $2 Trillion Company

One trillion is not cool. Now two trillion…

We will hear all the hype this year that Apple will get to $1 trillion. It’s nonsense.

They will blow through the barrier and head to $2 trillion.

Apple has been about real estate since 2004. I bought the stock after visiting the Biltmore store in Phoenix in 2004 and buying an iPod. In 2008/2009 I did not own the stock in my fund for a short period , but have otherwise owned it through today (long).

Last week I heard that Uber is growing faster than it ever has. I believe it must be the same for Apple. I don’t care what metrics the analysts use, Apple upside still can’t be measured.

In 2006, my first Wallstrip was about Apple as a store/real estate play (minute 1-15). Nothing has changed today.

In 2015, Apple drives not just retail sales for themselves, but whole malls.

I like what Marc says about Apple and real estate here as well:

Apple's Strategy is best thought of as a Real Estate Play:

– Desktop
– Lap
– Pocket
– Bag
– Wrist

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— Mark Sigal (@netgarden) Mar. 9 at 09:46 PM

I would also add, hearts and minds to their real estate play.

Apple will move from $1 trillion to $2 trillion based on their real estate and the phenomenon of ‘time’. The next phase of Apple is about helping us manage our time better. Whether it is through apps in their store built on iOS like ‘Sunrise’ or their own watch that helps us put the phones they sell us down for a bit, Apple seems to understand that they will eventually run out of real estate and we will run out of time. The most profitable problem for Apple to solve is helping us find more time.