Apple getting close

I was tempted to start nibbling today at $50 but went golfing instead.

The negative Apple news is getting palpable:

Esimate cuts from Da Banks.

Worries of slowing iPod sales. BTW – The worrying should have been when the stock was at $85. Typical Wall Street

Bad working conditions overseas. Standard.

The Microsoft iPod killa!

Option pricing scandal – serious.

I think the only thing not yet fully factored in is the Option Price Scandal. If Apple is smart, they are negotiating a fine and slap right now. The rest is old news and close to being factored in.

FOCUS on their STRATEGY and MARKET POTENTIAL. It is gigantic. Visited the Toronto tiny Yorkdale store – one of two small stores in Toronto. The city could support 10 large stores. Every big US and Global city is the same story. The Nike/Apple shoe strategy will be a good thing even if it is slow out of the gates. Look for more branding/strategic partnerships.

New iPods – Expect the unexpected as Apple is due for BIG 4th quarter surprise products as everyone else plays catch up. How about a talking iPod . Safe is a sexy upgrade at this point.

Microsoft and Dell will rule corporate America for some time to come but everything else is up for grabs.

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