Apple – Hold the Phone?

PC Guru John Dvorak says Apple should pull the iPhonec.

I have not been a fan of Apple getting into the phone business since the first rumor started.

John lays out some of the big problems.

My biggest concern is the negative association that will come with phone carriers. It’s just not the same brand association that you get with a Nike.

I further hate the fact that I will be sharing the retail stores ith a bunch of people complaining about their phone service.

I don’t have the answer and as a shareholder I hope Apple is correct but it will not go smooth for sure. i sold some stock for the first time in a while back in the mid 80’s and was wrong. Nobody seems to be worried.

I guess we will see.


  1. Adam Ostrow says:

    My concern over the iPhone is that at $500, a customer can have the best iPod and a Blackberry Pearl, it just doesn’t make any sense for rational consumers. Further, for those determined to get an iPhone, they may be delaying an iPod purchase, which could hurt earnings in the short-term. I had liked AAPL because of the strength they are showing in computers, but I sold because I’m just not confident the iPhone can move close to the 10 million units they are projecting.

  2. Eddie says:

    the iPhone will be move way more than 10 mil units. you guys all need to stop smoking the crack…berry. its exactly like the ipod. once most kids had an ipod nobody could have a walkman. same thing with myspace. next the iphone. $500 is NOT a lot of money anymore.

  3. Eddie says:

    and phone service at apple will be just like internet service for the mac. they aren’t going to even talk about it. atts problem.

  4. dogwood says:

    I almost wrote a post on the Dvorak column, but I’ll litter this blog with my thoughts instead of my own. ;)

    My main problem with Dvorak’s piece is he seemed to be implying that since the phone market is a tough one to compete in, Apple shouldn’t risk failure. Okay, he didn’t imply it, he said it.

    If companies don’t risk failure, then how in the world are they going to grow? Where will the creativity come from? Do we simply import innovative products because its too scary to try it at home?

    Does he really want Apple and other American companies not to take risks? U.S. car companies adopted that mindset decades ago and got their butts whooped because of it.

    Dvorak’s attitude is wrong. If Apple doesn’t take the risk to invent a cutting edge, user friendly phone, then who will, and how will Apple grow? Scratch and sniff iPods?

    / end rant.

  5. eddie – where did you get 500 bones for a phone. You are a kid :)

    dogwood – with you on dvorak. he is an old fuddy duddy like microsoft and I agree with you and am long apple but I am long becase of their retail experince

    risk is good but the freaking phone legacy negative goodwell could bring down the greatest of brands

  6. mdawsz – I dont use tivo so dont think i need apple tv…yet

    I hear i dont really need it as well

    adam – welcome to the conversation. Mindsay looks cool. Like your positive attitude on your blog. thx

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