Apple is NOT Broken…Twitter Definitely is.

Apple is up $20 or so billion after market (nearly two Twitter’s).

So many traders thought Apple would implode this quarter.

They continue to forget Apple is beloved and not broken. Also the market is forward looking. EVERYONE knows Apple iPhone sales are slowing and that the iPad is not Jesus. We also know that Trump hates them and China is acting thuggish.

The thing is the stock is already down 30 percent from it’s all-time highs…just maybe the news above is priced in.

Apple also has $250 BILLION In cash.

What may NOT be priced in is China may not be able to stop them in the age of the consumer or that the iPhone 7 will be a monster or that the retail stores are a juggernaut for the next 20 years and that the app store could not possibly get worse…etc

I still think if we are to see a TRILLION dollar Company it will be Amazon or Apple.

Twitter on the other hand has people hoping and hurting.

A Stocktwits user shared a weekly chart of Twitter. It made me laugh:


I love Twitter the product.

I hate that they can’t please the core users like me and can’t get the new users. Everyone loses. Moments is a bad USA today. They need to kill it.

Sports and Finance!

As for politics, its mostly hate and garbage and propaganda and the stock would be higher if Trump and Clinton were both barred from using it.

They are definitely underperforming on data sales as they chase new users. They seem to be pulling a Yahoo.

All of it is just a shame. I hope they can stay independent but I doubt it.

I was on Bloomberg this morning with Tom Keene and said it would be ugly today for them. I also said I continue to own Apple. A rare two for two day.

Disclosure – Long Apple.

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