Apple – One day Early…

I dipped my toe in some extra Apple yesterday and woke up to a slamming this morning.

Sorry for those that bought with me.

I was in the middle of some more “Do I have cancer?” yearly checkups and missed the open as I now often do. It is the close that I care about.

Apple opened and traded in the $76 range. Ouch.

It has now clawed it’s way back above $81 again. WTF?

Now that I am reading the news, it’s crap and really old news, the good traders bought that news.

A preannouncement would have been real news and the stock would not have rallied. If the market stays firm, my Apple trade will still work out. I am sticking with it for now.


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    That news is why the stock went down to 82 bucks in the first place. This stock and the market likely run right into earnings season.

  2. eddie Daroza says:

    hey at least you dont have cancer, haha. every night i go out partying this happens… i swear, its nuts. bought aapl yesterday also. oops.

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