Apple – Success and Arrogance – welcome to the world of hate!

It is so hard to make it to the top and maybe harder to stay.

Apple is the new target of dislike.

The stock is down on the year, approximately 30 percent below it’s all-time highs. It may stay down for some time.

France is moving forward with its decision to ban Apple’s closed music platform from it’s borders. In a world gone absurd, this is a real beauty. When was the last [email protected] time France was right about anything on a global or national scale. They are taking the lead on this issue too. Leave it to the socialists to start deciding on capitalist issues.

Apple is screwed as the DRM, open platform music discussion serves to confuse a mass music market that seemed hapy for the first time in ages. Combined with Apple’s new option scandal, you get a stock on the “do not disturb” list. The option scandal is the old cockroach story and likely has teeth.

The Company remains my favorite despite the nasty claims and complaints of Job’s arrogance. That does not mean you will make money in the stock anytime soon.

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