Apple Survived…

What a wild ride the last 40 days has been.

Apple is back to my breakeven price -$165- that seemed like a gift as I was hoarding it on the way down.

To refresh…this was my post back in late December titled ‘Assessing the Damage‘.

In hindsight, and obviously, the China unknowns and declining year over year revenue growth are NOT great for the stock or Company.

Apple was the WRONG stock to be buying into a complete market meltdown.

This morning I will sell a little Apple because I own too much.

The good news is that the markets have had time to price in all the current problems that it thinks Apple has to deal with.

What I continue to believe and ‘bet on’ by staying long with my oversized Apple position is that the markets can’t predict the Tim Cook roadmap and R&D investment benefits of the company with the best retail distribution and supply chain systems in the world.

I love these two thoughts from my friend Farbood, founder of Coinmine.

Apple will surprise in personal and home robotics because:


Have a good day.