Apple… The iUgh!

I got spanked today in Apple. I made it worse by buying at $510 and sharing the stupid ‘feeling’ idea.

For those that follow me…I apologize. I am done with what I bought today. I wiped out anything I made in Google just yesterday.

The numbers put forth from $AAPL are staggering, but all that matters when you invest is the price. It’s a giant scorecard. You get fired for losing.

I share to keep myself honest. The more I share, the smarter I get as well. I will keep sharing as much as I can to keep that edge.

I hate losing. There is so much strength and winning right now in the markets we should be able to get back on track fast.

Back to work.


  1. mickeyd says:

    Einhorn according to the letter is still long AAPL by a mile..if anything he bought more too…that’s his MO like Buffet….buy when the fear is greatest. he did it with MRVL too..I’ll go with Einhron any day of the week to a no name chart watcher that plays for pennies and is a SMALL thinker. Templeton..what would he have done?

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