Apple – weakness continues…BUT

I have this friend, we will call him Mark S. because that is his name and he is shameless.

Mark is one of my best friends although I use that term often!

The greatest, funnest, most charismatic, optimistic, cool, funny, loyal friend you could have. Serious. I am lucky.

We have invested separately and together in all sorts of debacles. Not funny!

Today, he called me biiiitching about Apple. He laughs when he bitches so it is always good to hear from him. He got my voicemail. I was squeezing a cantaloupe.

He bought in December. No charts handy, but close to the peak in the stock. He laughs when he bitches because he knows I wanted him to buy at $10, $20 etc…. He knows I was also a seller in the 60’s and 70’s and have only been trading it the last few months. He was busy speculating on Phoenix desert dirt at 200th Avenue (basically way East L.A) while the stock was rocking.

Mark my words, we are now close to a bottom in the stock. Not scientific, but very tried and true formula (other than FADE Mark). Note further we have peaked in desert dirt speculation due to Mark’s speculation :)

Thanks buddy!

PS – MARK – You owe me for not calling me when you bought the 2,000 shares because I would have sold you mine and more important now, please call and remind me when you finally sell. I will buy the 2,000 shares from you. Actually, I will take them off your hands today for $45 :)

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