Apple…I Guess the Price Cut Was Good!

Yet another all-time high. At $150 I think it is approaching a true ten bagger for me. My first. Obviously if I held my original 10,000 shares (looking for the ticket now as I do my taxes), I would now own 40,000 shares, this blog would be closed and I would be buying strip clubbs to flip to RICK’s. Instead I remain a multi thousandaire :) .

Just a few weeks ago, Apple was back in the $130’s and chatter was about the iPhone problems and slow sales and price cuts…..


The stock is in the hands of the Index Traders and Momo’s. The truly easy money was made. Now it’s just hang on to the rest and shut out the negativity. Amazing that after a run like this, the naysayers still get a voice and shake out the weak.

This stock won’t break until a real miss. It will happen and when it does expect a 30 point drop at least. In the meantime, manage your position for that drop, close your eyes and shut up. It’s unstoppable until it says so.

Disclosure – Long Apple