Apple…Let's Review it's Greatness

Now there is the movie rental to the Apple arsenal. Alley Insider has all the winners/losers and important questions that need answering . I am sure they will get back to all of them.

Gilette had razor blades but basically that was a male product. I did have a few girlfriends with moustaches, but I digress.

Apple has the iPod to Gillette’s razor and as Bob Lefsetz says in a recent post on Apple :

There’s an iPod for every wallet. If you can’t afford a $79 shuffe, then you’re homeless.

Now Apple is further attacking the blade problem. The war’s bigger outcome will be decided by the blade sales.

Apple’s upside in the war is youth and teens. Gilette’s empty hole with razors, is Apple’s biggest market. They are buying everything.

If they just want free clips….The iPhone will have a product in a price range that solves it by next Christmas and they can just hang on YouTube.

If you are an American girl that does not have an iPhone by next Christmas, you might as well have a moustache, because you will be that uncool.

All that aside, it’s the institutions that are driving the stock price.

Here is the institutional dilemma that bodes well for us ‘itty bitty’ shareholders.

There is only on Apple stock float. You can’t buy sympathy stocks. If you buy Synpatics or Cypress or another chipmaker that contributes components, you will wake up one day with a lost customer…Apple.

If you buy Dell , HP or Microsoft as a sympathy play, you do indeed need our sympathy and if you want VMWare for their virtualization, you are entering a giant new war between all the big players that Microsoft could actually win…but who cares.

Until Apple stock gets cloned or the Fed is put in charge of printing certs and options, Apple gets bought on the smallest dips.

Of Course, Apple could also screw up with product design or marketing or something comes along that we don’t see, but with 200 stores going to 1,000 and an army of happy consumers spreading the gospel, the shorts should not hold their breath.

It’s why Apple remains my number 1 position. Sometimes being original does not matter.


  1. lrd says:

    Movie rentals would easily triple the current # of video downloads & provide yet another revenue stream for Apple.

  2. Panda Bearnanke says:

    Oh gawd, let’s get this over with. “Blah blah blah the game is over, Blockbuster and Netflix might as well slit their wrists right now, in five years Apple will dominate the video rental service, they already own music. Blah blah blah the nerds will cry foul but they are morons, Apple will make video rentals sexy .” Thanks Howard.

  3. haileris says:

    Only two things can stop Apple:
    1. Global recession that screws over any and all stocks. (random gut feeling is 2nd to 4th week of Jan is a good time for AAPL, anytime else, dunno)
    2. Steve Jobs gets hit by a bus.

  4. ivanhoff says:

    AAPL has been a top holding for me for the last 2 years and I continue to be long on this stock. The reason. It is one of the few stocks in the market history that has the ability to come up with new impressing catalyst every 6 months, if not even less.

    Iphohe has been a bestseller in USA, so far. That can’t be said about Europe, where Nokia rules and Apple’s mobile is considered as technological junkie. That’s O’k. It means an extra room for growth, when the second edition of iPhone appears. Somethimes I think that Apple and Nokia are negotiating under the table and have divided the world’s mobile’s market among themselves. Nokia is not that marketingly aggressinve in US as it is in Europe. For Apple is the opposite.

    I won’t be surprised if AAPL reaches $1000 in the next 5 years. We’ll see the usuall 20% consolidations along the road, but this is part of the game and just amother good opportunity for new purchase.
    When there are so many people, especially relatively unexperienced as I am, liking so much AAPL, it is a sign for some troubles, at least in a short-term perspective. Disregarding that, AAPL ( the stock, not only the company) has proven that it is not a three-days miracle.

  5. Thomas Johnson says:

    It’s still not really clear to me why you think that the market doesn’t recognize what you’re saying here (i.e., why what you’re saying isn’t already priced into the stock)

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