ApplePie Capital – Franchise Financing Made Simple

I am really excited about the opportunity in Franchise financing. Franchising is a huge part of the American economy with $8.5 million people employed in the industry.

Last year we invested in ApplePie Capital and the team led by Denise Thomas has been building the platform and the partnerships to launch.

Our trusted banks don’t need/care/want to put money to work at a rate that the entrepreneurs need it, so Denise and team have created a fresh approach to franchise financing.

Yesterday ApplePie mades some big announcements:

1. They made their first loans on the platform and filled up fast.

2. There are now 7 Franchise on the platform

3. There is a fresh $25 million from investors to put to work helping fund these businesses

The platform design is really intuitive and for as little as $1,000 I can be backing an entrepreneur starting a franchise of a well established brand.

Diversification is easy to build into an industry with very good historical interest rate returns. Fantastic for such a low rate environment.

Take a look.


  1. Very impressive looking company. I’ve wished for awhile there was a way to turn franchise ownership into an investable asset class – similar to what was done w/ REITs, etc.

  2. Mesh Lakhani says:

    Heard it in your podcast last week and reached out to them. Awesome team and platform. Look forward to investing through. I love debt and income, especially at 8-12%.

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