Are Bitcoins the Perfect Tulips?

My friend Vinny wrote this great piece on Bitcoin last night.

I am fascinated by the price action in Bitcoin. 

The chart of Bitcoin is like a sped up long term chart of Amazon without all the debt of their start up days, the daily grind by the team and the constant risk associated with launching products. The product is free of quarterly earnings calls to boot. 

Bitcoins are like a Van Gogh, a rare diamond, Wikipedia and Amazon all rolled in one. If it is  really possible to hoard them anonymously, I can imagine 50 government, 500 companies, 1000 hedge funds and 5,000 people all trying to corner the market at the same time. 

The problem with Gold and silver was always that more could possibly be found and the higher the price the more incentive to dig and kill for it.

The fear of getting them stolen I imagine is the biggest risk which could also be the perfect feature that keeps it under control and one day makes it the currency we use for a lot of our digital living.