Are There Any Good Ideas Left?

This tweet from Morgan Housel made me smile:

“All the low-hanging fruit has been picked” says nation that put wheels on luggage less than 20 years ago.

The stock market was all FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google) all the time heading into 2018. Although FANG is all the media continues to talk about in 2018, the market of stocks is serving up a whole bunch of ‘wheels on luggage‘.

Oil is back at $72.

Chinese IPO’s are the rage.

The stock market is voting on guns by bidding up the shares of Taser. Taser was so embarrassed about being Taser they changed their name to Axon in 2017. I dismissed Axon when it broke out to all time highs late lat year because I figured AXON was a chemical stock (smacks forehead for 1 billionth time).

Investing never stops making me feel stupid, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to feel this stupid.

The macro world has never been more confusing to me, but the micro world has never seemed clearer to me.

Long story short…YES there are a shitpile of good ideas left.

PS – Here are two from last week alone…

The smart bike helmet that works with the apple watch is pretty damn smart and a cool

This CIVIC partnership with Budweiser is amazing in it’s audacity and common sense around identity:

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