Are there Rules for Entrepreneurs in this viral age?

Duncan Riley has a great post for us over at The Blogging Times – “There are no Rules.”

I don’t know Duncan personally, but am happy he agreed to write a weekly column for us. He has passion and does not follow all the rules.

I agree with Duncan for the most part, BUT I believe in having a few rules as an entrepreneur. if you follow them, you can pretty much “Beg for Forgiveness” the rest of the way and skirt a lot of the rules.

1. “Build something that other people want” – Why swim uphill with your passion?

2. Have passion for your idea and constantly look back to rule Number One!

I have no personal opinion on B5 Media getting funding. I read Rick Segal – he is a hometown Toronto Boy (at least living there). He is one of the Venture Capitalist’s in the deal now. He is a very viral, open minded man with a good heart. They did their homework.

I follow my own ideas and bloggers and none of theirs have caught my attention – YET.

The group has passion and a vision for their product AND they are paying their bills – the “Double Whammy.”

If they can scale it, everybody wins. It will be fun to watch and I wish them good luck. As a midget in this space, I know how hard a mountain they are climbing.


  1. One additional rule I would include: Be willing to let go – if you make a mistake, take the wrong path, or just plain got it wrong – let go and get onto the next “big” idea you have. There’s nothing wrong with mistakes, everyone makes them, the “sin” is not admitting them and doing something about it immeditately.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Arnie – absolutely, like a stock, you need a plan and budget and an ability to manage the losses.

    You onl need one big winner in the entrepreneur game.

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