Are We Too Complacent? …and My Colonoscopy

Nobody likes to panic early more than me.

Yesterday I sold some more Apple and Shopify to feed the profit gods.

Back in December I almost drowned in Apple and barely held on to my Shopify. Here was the play by play.

Shopify has now doubled this year after I had almost given up on it in December.

Apple is back above $210 and while I remain bullish, I would like to be able to buy more Apple in the next 20 percent selloff.

Some signs are all there for others to start selling.

For starters, I am the only person in America to have not filed an S-1 to go public this year. I love seeing endless IPO’s, but I know that with IPO’s comes supply and with endless supply comes lower prices (at least generally).

I am seeing a lot of penny stock biotech stocks double and trend on Stocktwits. Things are a little giddy.

I have watched some good traders get chopped around for months in this low volatility market and I sense they will have their days in the sun soon.

Overall it just feels complacent.

Speaking of complacent, it has been a very long time since I had a colonoscopy. I was supposed to have one when I tuned 50, but I am a reformed hypochondriac so I waited until I was 53.

I don’t miss my hypochondriac days (neither does Ellen) where if I read about a disease and symptoms on the internet, I had the symptoms and disease.

It was tiring and expensive.

My internet friends coached me through the pre-game colonoscopy drinks and the post drink fireworks.

I was watching Game of Thrones at 4 am yesterday while the last fluids in my body were sent flushing.

Once I got to the doctors office for the ‘procedure’ I was amazed at how smoothly everything went. I handed them my iPhone, they gave me the Michael Jackson sleeping drug and the next thing I knew (60 minutes later) I was eating breakfast with Ellen.

Here is what my report said:

A beautiful, young colon. No Polyps, No Obstruction, No Collusion, No Russians, No Nothing!

Funny doctor.