Are You Prepared for Dow 7,500 Again?

What if the market just turned Monday morning and as good as everything looked in the greasy world of $c, $aig, $fnm etc started looking bad (it won’t).

What if, there is no stick to the money being poured into the financial system and everyone comes home from labor day knowing that the jobs are not picking up and stores will have a bad fall (they will).

Even though I absolutely in my heart know the answers to both questions, I have no idea if we will be at 12,000 or 7,500 next.

My gut says I will be continuing to add longs, but I will wait and watch price patterns develop.

The two what if’s are my main thesis for being mostly out and focused on building my businesses elsewhere for now.

You should just prepared for both possible outcomes.

If we head back lower, our spirits will truly be tested.