Arizona Cardinals Pre-Season…The Heat Makes you do Crazy Shit

I love the NFL.

The Cardinals are not NFL. The franchise is an abomination. They should not be allowed to revenue share. I have not been to a game in 8 years. Now the team is an hour away with crappy access and I have passed on weekly invitations to the two year old stadium.

But, the heat and kids make you do crazy things. A chance to hang out with old friemds and all the kids at a football game was too enticing. Obviously the Cardinals blundered thier way to another loss. I won’t be back, despite a great young quarterback. Great bathrooms, but crap food so that makes sense.

Max had a ball, but he has a ball anywhere. He’s ambidextrous so he’s showing off his left arm here like his new fave quarterback.


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  1. mrkcbill says:

    Funny.. I went to a Cardinals game at Sun Devil Stadium a couple of years ago. I’ve seen more buzz at local high school games.

    If you want an NFL experience Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City is hard to beat.

    Its also known in Kansas City as Camarohead!

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