Asshat Fight of The Week…Buy and Hold vs. Indexing vs. Cramer

Thank goodness for all the Jim Cramer haters that I got to see this ridiculous video from CNBC on Friday:

Two grown men fighting and both are completely wrong and embarrasing to watch.

Buy and Hold works, as does indexing as does trading.

There is NO right way to invest. If you are profitable, you are correct. The best shortcut to profitability for the average investor is to LOWER COSTS.

The rest is just style, risk profile and money management.

Jim Cramer would say that cheating counts (read his first book), but I hate to think that’s the only way to be profitable. Though his first bookwas a fantastic read, it killed my ability to listen to him…something I should thank him for.

The other yutz on the tape, hates CNBC and Cramer but decides to show his mug on the network to plug his book. FAIL as well.