AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint…Who the [email protected]*k Cares

When I started my first business in 1992, one of our biggest line items was telephone.

Now, with 20 people at Stocktwits, there is no telephone line item.

My pal Om says ‘We All Lose‘. I disagree. Let these idiots and dinaosaurs battle this out. It is misdirection. Take a look at their price charts ($T). These have died. Dead. Kaput.

The smartphone is a luxury like no other in history. HISTORY. T-Mobile is doing the deal because they could not survive on their own. They are Circuit City.

T-Mobile was spending your cash on ads to tell others why AT&T sucked ass.

At least there will be less of ‘The Other Asshat Sucks‘ campaigns.

I would pay double for Verizon anyway. If you want a smartphone, you should pay for one that works. I hate every fiber of Verizon as a Company…from their lame commercials, to their stores that feel Like Circle K’s, to their culture. But they power my iPhone which is FREEDOM.

Apple or Google both deserve the whole pie and I am convinced they will get there with companies like Skype.

Today is just an extension of a runway for some miserable employees, overpaid executives, and antitrust politicians with bad breath.

Serenity Now!


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